The Regional Rowing Federation of Pays de la Loire is an association created in 1981.It gather 20 rowing clubs and 3300 rowers. It is the regional representative of Pays de la Loire to the French Rowing Federation (FFA). Four people work for our committee and the volunteer leaders.

As such, it has the mission to develop rowing in all its forms, with all people, in clubs, in schools, in specialized establishments. The main goal of our Regional Ferderation is to act act with the clubs and support them in their project to develop our sport. The project follows 3 axes: training, development, competitions

As part of these activities and to share best practices of rowing, it was working with the Regional Olympic Comitee in the Erasmus + project Rowing an Oudoor Sport for Education (ROSE). In this project, it mobilized two clubs of our region (2 coachs) and two middle school (3 teachers). The Ligue team participates in the exchange of good practices between the partners to facilitate the development of the skills of sports educators in basic sport at the highest sports level but also in advising public authorities in the design of their sports project : Video

The Voga&Share programme is our first official Erasmus+Sport project. We involve a local club, a secondary school and a high school in Nantes to realise it.

We also participate to others program :

  • Atlantic Games : Nautical competition for youth from Atlantic territory : Video
  • CAPITEN : Intereg Program about Health and Inclusion in nautical activities : Link / Video
  • Para Rowing : We start this program by recruiting a project manager and we work with canoeing and sailing to develop perennial welcome for person in situation of disability
  • Rame en 5e : Indoor Rowing Program about nutrition and sport for pupils (35 middle schools and 2500 students / year since 2014)
  • High Level center : develop access in French Rowing Team (U17, U19, U23) and coordination of regional team and university team.


Ligue Aviron Pays de la Loire 44, rue Romain Rolland, 44000 Nantes