SSOI Rijeka


Rijeka sports association for persons with disabilities is active from 2009 year.It was founded with a primal goal to promote sports among young people especially among those with various types of disabilities. It has a mission to integrate people with disabilities in society through sports, and to give a contribution to equal rights of all citizens and prevent social exclusion of people with disabilities.

There are various sports clubs within our organization which include: swimming, wheelchair tennis, athletics, table tennis, boccia, equestrian, shooting, sports for the deaf and sports for the blind. Some of the main activities of Rijeka sports association for persons with disabilities include: promoting the common interests of its member sport clubs for the disabled, coordinating and synchronizing their program activities, organization of sporting activities for persons with disability in the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County, as well as organization of competition on all levels for all sports under the wing of Croatian Paralympic Committee and Croatian Sports Association of Deaf People, development of programs for international and EU regional cooperation, and including as many sports clubs for persons with disability in the process as possible, developing and implementing EU projects, strengthening of the Paralympic principles through cooperation with similar organizations in Croatia and abroad, and of course, ensuring the financial resources for these activities. Rijeka sports association for persons with disabilities continuously conducts education for young people and volunteers on access and work with persons with disabilities.


Verdijeva11/3, 51000, Rijeka Croatia

+385 (0)51 / 312 – 224